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Date: 2001-09-14 00:43:00 UTC
Subject: Back injury, possible spinal compression

I just joined and I am desperate. My poor choclate sable, Alfie is
only 3 years and has had paralyzed back legs for about 2 weeks now
(now had problems a total of 3 weeks). Initially he was weak and
wobbly and then last week he started screeming in pain. After that
his legs were useless. I have no idea what happened he was on the
cat bed behind me on the floor when he started screeming. He
complains minimally now, but he eats mostly because I help him with a
chicken broth and softened kibble mixture. He is totally
incontinent. He moves his legs when I bath him (twice a day) and can
curl his toes on one side. There is an obvious swelling in his
spine. Blood test shows high calcium, xrays show possible spinal
compression. My vet suspects Aleution disease is possible, he also
appears to have a foreign body in his stomach. We haven't gotten the
aleutions test back yet. My vet is now looking for a neurologist
willing to perform neurological surgery...We live in Sequim,
Washington and we would likely be going to Seattle for an MRI or
surgery. My question is, do vets typically perform back surgery on
ferrets and what is the liklihood of success? Is there someone out
there who has had a ferret with no back leg use. My older ferret
Toby had this problem for a while (he is 5) but recovered most of his
leg use with Dexamethasone) and his xrays show degenerative back


Kathleen (Toby, Tasha, and poor little Alfie)