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Date: 2001-09-14 05:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Dry Heaves and diarrhea

I am cross posting here and the FML.
Butch and Maggie are not feeling very well right now. Maggie (4 y/o diagnosed
with EG and insulinoma) woke me up at 2:45 AM with the dry heaves. When I
picked her up she was very limp and was grinding her teeth. I thought he
blood sugar had dropped so I gave her some honey with only annoyed her. The
grinding kept on so I put some ginger in a little water and made her drink
that and she seemed to get better. Then I actually looked about the house
and saw green watery diarrhea on the potty papers and on the kitchen floor.
I fed Maggie then went to look for Butch and he looked terrible. He ate some
baby food but wanted to do nothing but lay there.
We did introduce a newbie on Saturday but he was in isolation for 3 weeks
with another ferret mom and her 6 ferrets and there was no sign of any
problems. During all this Mr. Newbie
(CB) is laying on the floor looking very upset.
I can only guess that CB brought a little “gift” for us when he arrived. The
vet is booked solid today and tomorrow so they said to just drop them off and
he’ll look at them and call me when he’s done.
Butch and Maggie are eating their baby food and right now I'm treating this
as ECE. What's the procedure for Mr. Newbie? Should he be getting
Connie, Butch, Maggie, and CB