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Date: 2001-09-14 12:09:00 UTC
Subject: ReUpdate on dry heave ferrets

Unfortunately this isn’t looking too good at the moment. The vet called and left a message to call him back and that Butch and Maggie would be spending the night. Maggie has projectile diarrhea and is losing fluids as fast as they put them into her. They have taken her off pred and put it on painkillers since she’s crying. Butch isn’t great either but Maggie is far worse. They don’t know what it is. He said at first when he heard about the newbie he though of ECE but has changed his mind. CB was with 5 to 8 other ferrets for three weeks before he came to me and no one got even a sniffle from him. We are testing for Salmonella among other things. I told him that it could be food poisoning since they eat baby food/chicken gravy and CB won’t touch the stuff. I want to have a sample of the food tested to find out for sure.
I’m sick about this. And I feel terribly guilty about crying over this when such horrific things are happening in the world.
If anyone has any ideas as to what this could be please let me know. Thanks again!
Connie, Butch, Maggie, and CB
PS Butch has become a lover of the great outdoors and we go for walks several times a week. Maybe he picked up something outside and brought it in?