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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-09-14 22:21:00 UTC
Subject: Do you know what might cause an enlarged and thickened

While we wait for the pathology of Scooter to be done we have a
puzzle. It turns out that his stomach was not only thickened but it
was huge. Both attending vets said that it is enormous -- far larger
than any they have ever seen in a ferret, and larger than it had been
in the surgery in Spring. Since then it has also thickened.

He was looking very good tonight for a little guy who has just had
major surgery. He has to stay there till it's safe for him to have
food by mouth and until he is able to pass urine (acute prostate
enlargement from the adrenal growth that had been asymptomatic till
he suddenly could not pass urine). We brought a towel that smells
like us and he buried his face into that, leaving his bum on the
hospital towel. Had to stay a while because when he heard me leaving
at first he got upset so stuck around till he fell asleep.