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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-09-16 16:41:00 UTC
Subject: my impersonator has contacted another FHL member

The person who has been impersonating me has started up again. Steve
and Cheryl who are among those working to help NYC ferrets got a
phone call from someone pretending to be me.

If you are contacted by anyone who claims to be me but says anything
strange or uses a different address -- pass along the phone number
from your caller ID, or the complete message WITH HEADERS to my
address above.

I know that this seems off-topic, but I am an FHL moderator and
*****this makes the second time that an FHL member has received
something very strange from someone falsely claiming to be me*****.
This problem has been an on-going on-and-off one elsewhere for years
now. It would be terrible to see FHL people hurt by that jerk.

Please, do not be intrigued or hurt by anything the person says. I
need the info that people can supply to track this down, and can not
do that if folks continue to automatically assume that anything that
seems to be from me is valid. Use a large grain of salt, please.
Don't assume that it really is from me.