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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-09-16 19:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ferret with cold

> Sukie wrote:
> <Ferrets do not get human cold viruses.<

> I'm a little confused now. Are you saying that
> ferrets don't get colds at all? Or that ferrets
> don't get the same cold virus that we do. I have
> always thought the vets were saying that our
> ferrets couldn't catch a cold from us, not that
> they couldn't get a cold at all.

> I agree with the visit to the vet. Just trying to
> make sure I understand.

> Katharine


Bruce Williams has posted (see past FHL posts) that they do not get
the rhinoviruses that we get. I do not know if there is another set
that they can get, but I do know that at times a human can have an
influenza or a sinus infection that a ferret can get and might
wrongly assume assume that it may be cold which they won't catch.
Over the years we've had ones with influenza, with a sinus infection,
or with allergies. Yes, in case there might be something serious
going on a vet visit is in order, esp. for a ferret which has been
ill for a week already.