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Date: 2001-09-17 07:35:00 UTC
Subject: melatonin


Can somebody please tell me the amount of melatonin recommended to help the
symptoms of adrenal disease?? Bandit's right adrenal is back (cells I guess
we're not caught during cryo) anyway the vet says it's as big as a pencil
eraser. I'm not going to have him operated on because he's to fragile. I
was thinking of putting him on lupron and melatonin. Is it best to treat him
in the very early stages of the tumor and will it help prevent the growth of
the tumor?? (can any vets comment here)

I also know of a vet who is pretty popular and is having success with using
200 micrograms for a three month depot that he claims last (4-6) months. The
cost is either $50 or $60 for the three month depot. I am in the process of
trying to contact him and see how many ferrets he's treated with this dosage
and the results.

Thank you,