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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-18 11:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Adrenal cancer

Ask your vet why she would do the injections and not just the
I have a feeling your vet is not comfortable with doing
surgery on the
right adrenal which may be wrapped around the vena cava ( a
vein that runs through the abdomen in that area). This makes
surgery very tricky, and the chance of getting all the tumor
less. However, depending on where you live, you may find a
experienced surgeon, or someone with cryosurgery available who
has a better chance of getting out the right adrenal.
Good news is that the left adrenal is the most likely affected
but still there is a chance.

Save the money that you would spend on the ultrasound and put
towards the surgery, and ask around, or here for a vet that
do the surgery and take out whatever gland is affected. Just
know that removal of the right does come with more risks and
of complications- but I think worth a try.

A few weeks ago I noticed that my little Cleo was beginning
to lose weight along with losing the hair on her tail. I
immediately made a vet appointment when I found this. The
vet took blood and told me she was checking the three
hormone levels that get elevated when a ferret developed
adrenal gland cancer. When she called me with the results
she said that two of the three were elevated and that we now
need to schedule an ultra sound appointment to find out
which is the affected gland. Once that is determined then
Cleo will have it surgically removed or go through the
injection treatment. We want to have it removed so that it
is a one time deal and she won't have to get frequent
injections. Is this how it usually works? I am so
frightened for her. I want her to be okay, but I don't know
what the best thing is to do. Do I trust my vet or get a
second opinion? It is still so hard to believe she has
cancer. She is so happy and loves to play with everyone
including her ferret brother Alex. It seems like she has
more energy than ever. Any advise would be greatly
Thanks so much, Maureen & Cleo