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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-09-18 12:51:00 UTC
Subject: Welcome to the FHL - 1037 strong

This morning we have 1037 members. I wanted to take a moment and
welcome everyone who's joined us. In order to keep the list a
manageable size, we do not encourage members to welcome new members..
I intend to start sending out a welcome on or around the 15th of each month.

We also mourn the passing of several this month. Due to the nature of
the list, the morbidity rate is high and we have to discourage
sympathy posts, but to those of you who've lost a ferret this month,
have no doubt our hearts and prayers are with you.

With reservists being called in, there have been offers to foster
ferrets from several people. These offers are being compiled into a
database for the files section so anyone needing a ferret fostered
can go search for someone near them. If you are willing to foster
ferrets of reservists or others affected by this tragedy, please send
the contact information you are willing to have publicly posted to
Pam Sessoms. The list itself is in the files section of
the FHL and is entitled "Sitters"

To email Pam, and I have to do it this way because of what yahoo does to an email address in a post... pjdutche(@) Just take out the parenthesis around the "at" sign.

So, a warm welcome to our new members and a hearty hello to all our
old timers.