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From: Troy Lynn Eckart
Date: 2001-09-18 15:14:00 UTC
Subject: Honey broke her back

sigh... Honey, 7 yr old female, somehow almost severed her spinal cord....
no movement from the shoulders down.... she's alert, eats when I hold
her, has feeling in lower area but can't control waste... no chance of
recovery unless she goes for spinal surgery which our vet doesn't do...
spleen is grossly enlarged but with the back injury we don't want to
remove it.

She's alert and not in pain. She'll stay with me till she tells me she is
ready to leave. Those big beautiful eyes are still so inquisitive... I'll
set her up in a cage with bed pads for absorption and food and water in
close and low placement, for when I'm not home. While I'm home she'll be
on the futon where she can keep a watch on everything and of course she'll
sleep beside me at night. She's on pediapred and warm water therapy. Any
other suggestions?

Hugs. tle
Troy Lynn Eckart
Ferret Family Services