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From: Alexis & Jason Thonen
Date: 2001-03-05 13:45:00 UTC
Subject: good news on stubby, the mucus-pooper

we started him on pepto and chicken baby food yesterday, had a loose but
formed poop this morning, and another one at lunch time that looked even
better. the poop is poop colored, no blood; fresh or dried, and no mucus.
we decided not to take him in to the vet this afternoon based on such a
quick turnaround. we are poised to take him ASAP if he should go downhill

we are hypothesizing now that perhaps he is just quite stressed. when his
house mate left a week before he did, he got stressed and that is when the
first incident of mucus happened. after all the tests, the vet concluded it
was stress.

it happened again when I first posted about it, and at that point I was
thinking it couldn't possibly be stress, he didn't SEEM stressed. but how
should I know? now we are thinking that he got stressed, quit eating, got
more stressed, etc etc.

is this possible? we really want to let him back in with the group but will
not until we are sure he is not contagious. I know he misses his house
mate, and his house mate misses him.

thanks for all the help and suggestions, I have been worried sick.


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