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Date: 2001-09-18 20:56:00 UTC
Subject: Question on inflamed area

I have a question regarding my 1.5 year old female ferret Coco.
We've had Coco for a couple of months now and things have been going
great. When I first adopted her, we took her to the vet for a
checkup. I had noticed that she had fleas at the time and wanted to
make sure everything else was fine. At the vet, Coco decided to go
to the bathroom while the vet was examining her. Surprised we were
happy she did that, because we noticed that inside her female area
it was very inflamed. It wasn't swollen but just very red. The vet
gave her an inflammatory injection and put her on amoxicillin for a
week. We kind of figured it was stress and from the change in food.
She's been acting fine ever since. Just last night, I had her out
running around our living room and she had decided to back up in a
corner and go. I quickly ran over there to pick her up and put her
in the litterbox, but she started to go as we were running. Well,
her insides were still red. It didn't look so bad as last time, but
it was definitely red. What could cause this? Would this be a sign
of Adrenal Disease? She did have a small bald spot above her tail,
but after we took care of the fleas it grew back. She acts fine. She
is always playing with my other ferret and doesnt seem sick or ill.
Am I overreacting? Should that area be red inside? Does this require
another vet visit? I would appreciate any help.
Dianna, Coco and Squeaker