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Date: 2001-09-19 05:30:00 UTC
Subject: Thinning hair on tummy/HELP!

Hi everyone,

I'm mostly a lurker ~ thank goodness because I think that means my
guys are healthy : ). Anyway, my best friend has a fert problem.
This is how she describes it:

"very sweet, active, playful, normally napping, eating, pp'ing and
pooping 7yr old MF male fuzz butt has small amount of hair loss on
tummy, mostly to right side of midline tummy...all of a sudden I can
see his nipples and feel his skin. The tummy is also tight, like
he's flexing, I can feel the abdomen wall very distinctly from the
little bit of chub under his skin. When I try to moosh
and feel around on his tummy, I don't feel any distinctive mass, just
the tightness of the abdominal wall. Just wondering if anyone has
any ideas or if you know of any correlation of some process with this
hair loss/tummy tightness...also having a blood panel on the 24th,
what should they be looking for? Is that soon enough (today is the
19th). PLS TELL ME EVERYTING YOU KNOW I am freaking out!! Thanks,
very sincerely, Yoda's spastic mom."

I hope someone/anyone out there has some advice to help her.


Your fellow ferret furling, Tanya
Max, Raider, Peanut, Goose, Unagi, Pikachu, and for Snickers who
continues to make a place for us all at the bridge.

thanks t, mel