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From: Public Relations
Date: 2001-03-05 17:18:00 UTC
Subject: Vet question:

For the good Doctors:

After a barium series which showed very slow motility in a ferret who had
demonstarted straining during defecation, Cornelius a 3.5 year old late
alter ferrets was scheduled for surgery today. The expected outcome would
be hair balls as were removed on Thursday from 5 year old Ulysseys.

What they found : Cornelius -- is hair ball free -- the vet found is a
mass attached to the duodenum ( sp? ) and is not really sure if it was
from the pancreas ( it apparently seemed to be it's own little entity
almost ion the space between the pancreas and the duodenum) save for some
small vessels attached to the area of the duodenum. He looked otherwise
healthy, pancreas, liver etc. The stomach was not remarkable and showed no
hairball type presence, thus was undisturbed. The mass removed is a cystic
type mass which is being sent out, perhaps a node? .-- Perhaps this is what
caused the defecation problems ( small spuratic stool and intermittent
rectal prolapses??

Waiting to hear the possibilities... Cornelius is due to be adopted in 2
weeks into a great home!

at Ferret Wise