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From: jones
Date: 2001-09-19 16:30:00 UTC
Subject: Honey

Hello Troy,

Regarding "Honey "broke her back"
My Alfie has a compression and I finally contacted the Washington State
University Vet Teaching School and consulted over the phone. I am sending
Alfie's x-rays with barium contrast and blood levels to Dr. Stauber. He
seemed very informed and even though it is across the state I may take Alfie
if he thinks I should...I don't know where you are but maybe there is a
university like this closer to you...It might be worth a call. I have been
told that if there is deep pain, in the toes (in Alfie's case his back legs
don't work) then there is a chance of recovery. However my baby is only 3
years old. Still he also struggles with incontinence and off and on eating
so I help him quite a bit.

My thoughts are with you and Honey

Good luck, Kathleen