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Date: 2001-09-19 23:43:00 UTC
Subject: Fat or swollen neck in baby?

My four and a half month old baby girl has gained considerable weight...
all kidding aside she is really a chubber. It is odd because her head is
dainty. Anyway, she acts and looks like the most healthiest gorgious ferret,
but..... something is strange with her neck.
On each side of her neck right above the shoulder blades are two large,
soft areas. I don't know if they are fat pockets, her lymph glands (where is
a ferrets lymph glands?), her scent glands in her neck, or what. You can't
palpitate a discernable mass on each side really.... just big fat grabable
... somethings on each side. Should I be concerned or probably not? If I
bring her to a vets to investigate this further, being that their are no
other symptoms, is there anything the vet should consider or look for (our
vet resources here are rather poor).


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