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Date: 2001-09-20 04:51:00 UTC
Subject: Melatonin and Pred?

Hi Everyone,

I know theirs been a lot of talk about melatonin over the last few days so I
think you might find this interesting. I went to purchase the melatonin
today and noticed a warning on the label to avoid certain drug interactions
or to consult your physician first. One of the drugs was Pedia Pred and that
was the first time I heard about that. I just wanted to know if other ferret
owners are treating with both pedia pred and melatonin?? and to the vets
what are the risks if any in doing so?

Lastly, I always get confused here, does lupron and melatonin help shrink the
tumor or stop it from growing. If both these drugs help reduce the
overproduction of hormones does that mean they stop the tumor from growing??
I always thought the over stimulation of hormones is what caused the tumor to
grow?? Please help


Christina *Bandit & Fiefal*