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From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-03-05 14:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Compounded enacard

"Dr. Bruce Williams" <williams@e...> wrote:
> I think this information is appropriate for anyone, vet or otherwise,
> that is compounding their own drugs, or making solutions from pills in
> order to facilitate administration.

I've long since given up trying to make solutions from whole tablets
for multiple doses, because I'm never confident that any one dose is
anywhere near correct. But, I'm not always too confident with the pill-
cutting technique, either, especially when I'm working with tiny
tablets that have to be cut in more than two pieces. (I don't have a
calibrated eyeball, nor do I have the hands of a diamond cutter. B-)

So, this is a good time to put in a plug for your friendly neighborhood
compounding pharmacist. It'll cost you a little, but these people can
make a suspension of just about anything in just about any
concentration you like. Plus, they can add all kinds of ferret-
pleasing flavors, from bubblegum to chicken.

Of course, you can't generally find one of these pharmacists behind the
counter at the local Eckerds. But, you can check with one of their
associations to get a referral for one close to you. Try the PCCA at or the IACP at The IACP
site actually has a referral page where you can enter your ZIP code and
get a list of compounding pharmacies within a few miles of your


*SLMW 1.0* I can't help it if I'm pharmaceutically challenged!