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From: Lisa
Date: 2001-09-20 12:20:00 UTC
Subject: stomach problems

My ferret aged 4 has been fighting stomach problems for the
past year. He had made dramatic turn-arounds and was doing
wonderfully until about 3 weeks ago. He had a bilateral
adrenal surgery 6 weeks ago, recovered great and then at 3
weeks, he crashed. His sodium-potassium ratio was a 1:20 so
he required supplementation. He received an injection of .15
of percortin (DOCP, a steroid given to regulate their ratio)
and should need this monthly.

The problem is, that for the past 3 weeks he has been VERY
sick  not eating, major weight loss, grinding his teeth, and
diarrehea. He had a CBC done 2 weeks ago and it came back
normal. He is back on the medication regimen he was on for
IBD which is:
.3ML of Pedia pred twice daily
.2 ML of Imuran once daily (used to be every other day but was
1ML of Carafate three times daily

He continues to grind his teeth badly, he wont eat, and I
cant even force him to eat. Ive given him a/d, turkey
baby food, chicken gravy, and when he wouldnt eat any of
these on their own, I tried mixing a/d and turkey baby food.
I cant get him to eat any of it. Last year, even at the
worst of his problems, hed at least eat turkey baby food off
my finger. But this time, I cant even get him to do that.
He grinds very badly. Does anyone have any further advice for
what I can do to help him with his nausea or help to stimulate
his appetite? Its breaking my heart to watch him go through

Thanks for anything you may have to offer.
lisa Shortley