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From: Tracy Jose
Date: 2001-03-06 02:37:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bad Totally Ferret

I posted a week ago on the FML regarding a bad batch of TF that I received in the mail. I asked the FML if anyone else had experienced a bad batch lately. I know that Performance Foods had a problem last summer with a few batches, but they said they got that taken care of. Well, that same day as my post appeared...Performance Foods e-mailed me and said they
saw my post and were concerned about it and would like to follow up on the batch I received.

I gave them my batch number and they said they will contact me after they check into it. When I opened my bag, I could tell immediately that something was not right. My fuzzies even sniffed it and walked away...usually they will grab a few morsels of the new stuff when I fill their bowl. I contacted Ashlie about the batch number she had received and she said it
is the same number that I, maybe we are dealing with another bad batch. I will let you all know what Performance Foods says when they contact me about what's going on. Until then, the batch number of the bad bag of food I have is B1R06A. I have recently had my supplier send me a new bag ASAP and pulled the "bad" food out of my ferrets bowls.

Warm *fuzzy* hugs,
Tracy J.
Tango, Chico, Roo, Pepe', Spunky & Leah