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Date: 2001-09-21 21:16:00 UTC
Subject: Low Blood Glucose related to infection??


I have a question about low blood glucose levels and if anything other then
insulinoma could be the culprit. I guess this would be a question really for
the vets or anyone who has had a the same diagnosis given about their ferret.

Bandit over the last few months has had low blood glucose readings (45) or
so. These readings have been performed in house and I was told by the doctor
that the machine could be off by (20) or so, that you have to allow for a
margin of error?? So say his BG is about (65).

The doctor does not seem to think it's necessarily insulinoma because
Bandit's insulin levels we're not elevated and within normal range. His
liver seemed to be okay to according to the bloodwork. A stool sample was
taken and they found that there was no bacteria found in the stool. Which
they explained was abnormal and suggested yogart or benebac to help provide
some good bacteria in the intestines.
My doctor explained to me it could be an infection or gastrointestinal
inflamation causing the low blood glucose and prescribed 1/2 tablet of
chlorophemical?? twice a day in case he has proliferative collitus??

You see his stools have been funky for the longest time-combination of seedy,
pudding like, mucous you name it and foul smelling. He's had periods of
lethargy and poor appetite (although the appetite is great now). The point
is the doctor thinks the infection in the bowel could be causing the low
blood sugar.

My question is if insulin levels are normal and blood sugar is low does this
mean you rule out insulinoma- my vet seems to think so. This is the first
time I heard this but I always thought it kinda makes sense.

Any suggestions or feedback would be very appreciated.



Oh, one last thing Bandit is on Pred .50 1x a day when the BG was just
recently checked and it was still low. The vet increased it to 1ml once a