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From: Julie Cameron
Date: 2001-09-22 03:35:00 UTC
Subject: Leiomyosarcoma


I just had a ferret operated on that had typical adrenal symptoms. The vet
removed what she thought was a large right adrenal tumor. The path report
came back as a Leiomyosarcoma. After looking that up and realizing that it
is a Smooth Muscle Tumor (hope I got that right), I realized that another
vet I went to mentioned that he has had two cases of the same thing

My questions are: What does this mean for the ferret as far as the adrenal
symptoms? Is this what was causing the problem or should I still expect the
ferret to have adrenal troubles? What is the long term prognosis of such a
tumor? Also, should I be worried that the two vets I use have mistaken
these Smooth Muscle Tumors for Adrenal tumors? I realize they are tumors
that needed to come out, just wondering if it should have been obvious that
this wasn't an adrenal?

Thank you for any insight to this question.


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