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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-22 15:12:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ] Low Blood Glucose related to infection??

It seems like the insulin levels should be elevated in insulinoma,but
am wondering if they vary daily and maybe can be falsely normal?
Anyway, it seems his blood sugars are low,and since he is on pred
this kind of treats for insulinoma anyway.

If the stools are bad for so long, then maybe an exploratory to
check out the pancreas and biopsy the gut to look for
Eosiniophilc enteritis, or other causes of IBD ( inflammatory
bowel disease) - at least it is an option if there are still problems
despite his on going treatments.

p.s. I believe proliferative colitis presents as painful defecation,and
bouts of bloody stools- but I may be wrong, just do a search
'in the FHL archives and see what comes up.

> My doctor explained to me it could be an infection or
> gastrointestinal
> inflamation causing the low blood glucose and prescribed 1/2 tablet
> of
> chlorophemical?? twice a day in case he has proliferative collitus??
> My question is if insulin levels are normal and blood sugar is low
> does this
> mean you rule out insulinoma- my vet seems to think so. This is the
> first
> time I heard this but I always thought it kinda makes sense.
> Any suggestions or feedback would be very appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Christina
> Oh, one last thing Bandit is on Pred .50 1x a day when the BG was
> just
> recently checked and it was still low. The vet increased it to 1ml
> once a
> day.
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