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From: Kalee Cline
Date: 2001-09-23 01:08:00 UTC
Subject: rabies vaccine

Do ferrets have reactions to the rabies vaccine, or is
it just the distemper ones? Or is it just not as

Where I live, I have two vets. One is very ferret
knowledgeable and very expensive. The other sees
ferrets but doesn't know as much (doesn't pre-treat
with benadryl for distemper), and is much more
reasonibly priced.

So, for distemper, we bit the bullet and paid for the
expensive annual exams and shots.

My question is this: They just had really good exams
last month with the expensive vet. Now, they need
their rabies shot. Can I take them to the cheaper
vet? Could I take them to a shot clinic? What are
the chances that something will go wrong with a rabies
shot and need the better vet? Should I pre-treat for
rabies shots?

Please no flames. Don't think I'm sacrificing my
fuzzies' health because I'm cheap. I want what is
best for them, but if I can save a little money for
future adrenal surgeries, I'd like to.


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