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From: Sandy Adams
Date: 2001-09-23 04:33:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Insulinoma Question

Hi Stephanie..

An hour off on my Cassiemonster will send her into limpness.. now I have had
wonderful luck with Dyne instead of Karo syrup.. for some reason it seems to
bring her out of her episodes far quicker..

you need to check with your vet on the pred dosage of course.. but we
started dividing the dose and giving it every 12 hours and that helped
stabilize Cassie.. (with vet approval) you also might have to up the dose a
bit more.. Cassie started with .2 once per day she's now up to 1 ml morning
and night.. it's been 2 years and 4 months since diagnosis with insulinoma
though so i feel blessed to have had her with me this long and counting..

another thing we do is feed recipe 3x's per day.. my recipe is 3 cups older
totally ferret, 2 jars chicken baby food, 1 can a/d, garlic powder 1/2
teaspon, 1/2 cup of Nupro and water to make a very thin soup.. warmed in the
microwave to just above body temperature it really seems to help them
along.. and they know when the microwave goes off that it's lunch time.. :)

good luck with your little girl..

Sandy & The Adams Family Ferrets

[Quick moderator note: garlic can be an anticoagulant so check with the vet first for the individual ferret. I have not used Nupro and am not familiar with it.]

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> Hi All,
> Well, last week Maggie had a low bg episode; spaced out, lethargic and
> wobbly. She whined a little but didn't actually have a seizure. We hopped
> the car and started to drive to my vet an hour away, but she couldn't wait
> and started cycling between normal and rapid breathing and was just limp
> we detoured to another vet whom had never seen her before but was ferret
> knowledgeable. When we got her there and they started IV she didn't react
> anything. The vet said she was in a coma and that they cyclical breathing
> usually means brain trauma. Her bg was 40. After about an hour of IV
> with dextrose and a shot of pred she suddenly woke up. She stayed at the
> vets overnight stabilizing at bg 104 and taken off the IV at Midnight.
> she came home she did very well for a few days on babyfood feedings, 1cc
> Clavamox and .2cc Pred (I'm not sure how to read this, but it says 20mg
> w/ 6.67 Ferretone). Then she started to slow down a bit over a couple
> and then this morning/afternoon had another episode, but not to the same
> point as before, but I could see she was going fast. I took her bg with my
> home meter and again she was at 40. I put some Karo on her gums and
> forcing chicken babyfood every half an hour. I just took her bg again and
> is at 79. I would take her to the vet except that all the ferret vets are
> gone on the weekends and the emergency hospital has no clue what to do
> ferrets, I usually have to tell them what I need done (like when I needed
> second subq of fluids about 8 hours after getting the first, they fought
> tooth and nail - "we only give animals fluids every 12 hours" - even
> they could see my boy was very dehydrated - his scruff wouldn't go down at
> all after pinching).
> The only thing I can think of at this point that might have caused this is
> that I was an hour late in giving her the pred this morning. Would an hour
> make a difference in her being OK? I know I'm not supposed to change meds
> dosages and I am going to try to get a hold of one of my vets, but would
> be terribly bad if I gave her .1 extra cc of pred tonight? I know I'm not
> supposed to ask these types of questions, but I'm at a loss until I can
> figure a way to get in touch with one of my vets.
> Thanks in advance,
> Stephanie
> with Maggie, Bullwinkle, Shasta, Nanook and Nyla
> missing with all my heart Icabod and Emeline
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