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Date: 2001-09-23 08:25:00 UTC
Subject: new baby with broken leg

Hi all,
Last Tuesday, I went to the pet store for some pet food. My fiancee
walked up with a baby ferret. He was alone, all the others had been
sold. He was so excited when we paid attention to him. We couldn't
let him down to run around in the store, but he was having a great
time playing with my earrings and hair while I was holding him. He
kept making noises, and I thought it was just because he was excited,
and so much younger than my other 2 when I got them. Well, when we
got home, I let him down to play. He still made the noise, but he
was limping. He favored one of his hind legs. I was only a little
concerned at first, but the longer I watched him the more I was sure
something was really wrong. I am an x-ray tech, so I took him to the
hospital and took a couple shots of his leg. He has a greenstick
fracture of the tibia, with the fibula intact. I went home and tried
to decide what to do. I knew that if I put a splint on it, he would
probably chew it off and be facing small bowel surgery. Also, I
didn't want to take him to an emergency clinic so they could tell
me,"Yes, he does indeed have a hairline fracture," and then not do
anything for it and send me a huge bill. I wanted to take him to my
vet, the one who has seen my other 2 since I got them. I finally did
take him in the next day and he confirmed what I thought all along.
He told me to confine him, which I was already doing. My questions
are, is the pet store liable? Should I notify Marshall Farms(he's
and MF baby)? Will he suffer ill effects or become mean or anti-
social from being confined? My vet says he should be confined for 3
weeks and then be reevaluated. I take him out of the cage and hold
him for a while every day, but the whole time he's out, he naturally
is trying to get away from to play and look for the other ferrets.
He's only 8 weeks old and I feel very guilty, but I know he needs the
time to heal. I know this is long, but thanks to anyone who actually
reads it all. Any input at all will be greatly appreciated.