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From: Susan Prock
Date: 2001-09-23 09:08:00 UTC
Subject: Jack

Dear List,

I wanted to send an updated report on Jack, and ask if anyone has any advice
on the next step. Jack is a 2 year old fixed male, with a history of weight
loss and endless diarrhea. In the last month, he has gotten blackheads on
his tail, and some hair loss there. No hair loss on his flanks.

The results of a bone marrow extraction in late June showed plasma cells in
the bone marrow, more than normal, but not an unusually high number. The
other cell lines were normal. There were slight abnormalities in plasma
cells. Diagnosis : malignant extramedullary plasmacytoma. Bloodwork in
early September showed high total protein (8.8). The rest of the chemistry
is normal. The CBC shows 4 times the number of lymphocytes as SAGS (usually
the reverse is true). He has one elevated androgen : endostine dione. The
doctor said that it usually takes two elevated androgens to indicate adrenal

Jack eats and drinks well, and is very active during his two 45 minute
playtimes a day. His poop is runny with grains, and smells of hydrogen
sulfide (rotten eggs).

I can't spend a fortune on medical tests, but I wish I could get on top of
these problems, which have been going on since January of this year.

Thank you,
Susan Prock, Jack, Jerill, Gabriella and Obiwan

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