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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-23 11:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ] new baby with broken leg

Definitely speak to the manager of the pet store and they
should pay the bill, the sooner you notify them the better,
after a while they will claim it could have happened at your
place- so proof of the date of sale and date of x-rays will help
convince them. However, for others as well, it depends on a few
things. First if a sale was made there is expectancy that you are
sold a healthy animal, even if there was no written contract,
if there was a contract read the small print to see what the
policies are. Most will require the sick or in your case, injured animal
sees their vet and treated by their vet for the store to pay.
I would try anyway and see what they say.

Since you are socializing the ferret by holding him daily, and
with him I am sure he will be fine, shoot there are many ferrets that
are cage bound for months at stores or by their owners who seem to
do very well once taken in by someone who can let them out to play.


. My questions
> are, is the pet store liable? Should I notify Marshall Farms(he's
> and MF baby)? Will he suffer ill effects or become mean or anti-
> social from being confined? My vet says he should be confined for 3
> weeks and then be reevaluated. I take him out of the cage and hold
> him for a while every day, but the whole time he's out, he naturally
> is trying to get away from to play and look for the other ferrets.
> He's only 8 weeks old and I feel very guilty, but I know he needs
> the
> time to heal. I know this is long, but thanks to anyone who
> actually
> reads it all. Any input at all will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jess
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