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From: Ann Hehl
Date: 2001-09-23 11:56:00 UTC
Subject: insulinoma and adrenal

I have two situations that I would like input on.
I have a 6 year old female who has had right
adrenalectomy and part of her pancreas removed in
5/2000. She had addl surgery on her pancreas in
11/00. She is currently experiencing typical hair
loss from adrenal. She has hair loss as well as
thinning all over. She has had rat tail for several
months. She hasn't, in fact, regrown all of her hair
that was shaved for surgery in 11/00 prior to this
hair loss. The last glucose that was done was a few
months ago and and it was up from the 45 it was prior
to surgery but I don't recall the exact number. She
is eating, sleeping etc as a ferret should, she plays
with me daily and is very active at that time. My
question is would surgery be feasable for her left
adrenal, given her history. My vet and I have
discussed Lupron but this will be costly for me as you
will see in the next question. Would Drenamin be an
I have another 6 yr old female who had left adrenal
removed in 7/98. She started losing hair again the
following year and because there was reason to believe
that she might have lymphosarcoma surgery wasn't
attempted at that time. We started her on 4 mo depot
Lupron 10/99 and she didn't regrow hair until after
the 2nd depot in 2/00. She had two more injections,
the last one 11/00. She began to loose hair again
about 12/00. After consulting with Dr Williams, who
told me that she probably didn't have lymphosarcoma
since she was still alive 3 years later, my vet did
the right adrenal in 1/01. She hasn't regrown the
hair she had lost prior and she is steadily losing
more as I type, or so it seems. My question, does the
group think she still has some adrenal tissue left?
Would Lupron be the appropriate course here?
Drenamin? Otherwise she is healthy, albeit, she seems
to sleep a lot more than the other one. Please let me
know your opinion. Both of these girls weigh about
1.7 lbs. I know Dr Weiss recommends 2000 mcg (think
that is the correct)per ferret. Could we get away
with using less? Because if I do both of them that is
over $400 every 4 months. I can do it if it is best
for them but will be a definite stretch of the
finances. Any input would be most appreciated. Sorry
so long.

Ann, Cinnamon and Jillian

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