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Date: 2001-09-25 01:51:00 UTC
Subject: ADV, compiled info for my vet clinic

I was wondering if there was a info packet on the ADV virus that I
could print out and give to my vet clinic in Buffalo, NY. They are an
excellent clinic for my ferrets, but they don't know about the virus.
I don't know enough and will not be able to teach them on a vet
level. I appreciate this, and thank you. Please send replies to my
personal addy : ferretgirl6@c...

[moderator's note: the e-mail addy is ferretgirl6 (@) - take out the spaces and parentheses to use it. Yahoo! does weird things with these to protect privacy. And personally, Amy, if you get a good packet together, I'd like to see it, maybe as a File for the FHL to keep so others could use it too. -Pam S.]

Amy and the boys
God Bless America