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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-09-25 05:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Update on Tr. (Message #7375)

From: sukiecrandall@t...

>One thing about ferrets is that sometimes when you help them over a hump
>they go on to have years left. I know the feeling you are having but if
>your vet still thinks that it is worth sticking in there, please, try since
>it could work. We've had them give us happy surprises more than a few

Carol, I second what Sukie says-- a little more than a week ago, things
looked so bleak for my ferret Amelia (insulinoma + ulcer = major crash from
not eating), but despite her age (7 in a couple of weeks) and the
insulinoma, she has pulled through much more strongly than anyone thought
possible. Within a few days she lost enough weight for me to be able to
count her vertebrae, but she's putting it back on nearly as quickly. I
don't think we have years together, but she's solid and happy for now. I
don't remember all the details of your earlier post, but have you ruled out
ulcers as a cause for not eating? I had a hard time recognizing Amelia's
ulcer for what it was until we were pretty much hit in the face with it.
Also, I know that forcefeeding of ferrets is generally (and rightfully)
discouraged, because it's possible to hurt the ferret, but you may want to
bring it up with your vet, and see what kind of food and how much to give at
a time. Any food is better than no food. And the ferret does forgive you--
Amelia just came over for cuddles a few minutes ago :)

Good luck,

Regina Harrison regina_z@h... or regina@c...

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