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From: Michelle
Date: 2001-09-26 03:39:00 UTC
Subject: Bedding issues

Hi all! My little girl, Salem, is not very keen on using the
litterbox in her cage (or outside it!). She is almost 4 and I have
never been able to really potty train her... don't know why. I
brought my big guy, Boris, home when she was 1-1/2 and he already 2.
He is great at using the box, but she didn't learn from him either.
Their cage has a plastic bottom and is always a mess because of this
even though I clean it all the time... I know it can't be healthy for
them. Any suggestions on what I could use to cover the entire bottom
level of the cage to at least absorb it up until I can clean it? If
so should I do this instead of using a box, or in addition to? I use
Yesterdays News in the box now.
Sorry I took such a round about way to get to my question! Any advise

W/ Salem & Boris