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From: Stephanie
Date: 2001-09-26 05:34:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Impacted Glands

Hi Katherine,

Well, you can't really see them, but you can see the swelling if they get
impacted. Here's my lame ascii art of a ferret anus: (# * #) the asterisk
would be the actual anus opening (hole) and the pound signs are where the
sacs are located in the pink skin surrounding the opening. When my
Bullwinkle had impacted sacs those areas looked greasy, swollen and red. He
smelled all the time and got his... juice (sorry for the lack of proper
terminology) on everything.

Hope this helps,
with Maggie, Bullwinkle, Shasta, Nanook and Nyla
missing with all my heart Icabod and Emeline

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One more question....exactly where is the anal sac
located? Can you see it? I haven't made a
thorough study of Emma's little behind but I
suppose I should. My previous ones with intact
sacs never had a problem so I never looked.