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From: Dawn M Pedchenko
Date: 2001-09-26 07:44:00 UTC
Subject: Lucky not feeling well.


I just wanted to get a little more information before seeing a second vet
tomorrow morning.
I've looked through the archives here and on Miamiferret but still have a
couple questions.

On Monday evening, I noticed that Lucky was just laying around which is
totally out of character.
When I took him from the cage, he seemed kinda wobbly and just had no
energy to walk around.
His three cagemates were super chipper and bouncy.

Since I was not sure if he had been eating & drinking, I hand fed gerbers
chix baby food
mixed with some pedialyte and pet tinic. He ate the food from my finger
easily. He felt kind
of cool so I kept him snuggled in a blanket and laying on me while we
watched tv. At bedtime,
put a warm buckwheat heating pad next to him in the cage.

He seemed much better Tuesday, was bouncing around and trying to hide
treats and my fingers under the pillow for later. Since I wasn't sure if
he was eating/ drinking
on his own, I spied on him in the litter box. He peed fine (quite a bit
actually) but his poop
looked very loose and blackish. No throwing up. So I set up an
appointment at the vets for him.

My vet admits he's not super knowledgable with the ferrets, but they
checked him out pretty thoroughly.
Felt he was dehydrated so they subq'd him and gave shot of antibiotics.
Prescribed .25 ml amoxi 2 times
a day and pepto bismal. Told me to call on Wednesday to give them an
update and if he wasn't feeling much
better they would send me to another vet who is more ferret knowledgable.

Today, Wednesday, he's sleeping almost constantly. He was up for about
an hour this morning walking around
and playing. He's eating gerbers chix mixed with Hills AD. Getting the
medicine in him is a trip. I think I've worn more
pepto than has gotten into him (I can't say I blame him there). He's
still peeing regularly but his poop seems to be
more formed now - still blackish-green (when squished, it looks to be
such a deep green, it's black?) But the consistency
seems to be kinda foamy. I'm still nervous about him, so I've got an
appointment for the other vet tomorrow morning.

None of the archives I've looked through says anything about foamy
consistency poop. Is there anything special I
should have this new vet check tomorrow?

I'm keeping Lucky separate from the others. Nothing has changed, i.e.,
food, no new ferrets. I'm wondering how
he got ill and if the others can catch it as well?

Thank you,

Dawn & Lucky
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