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Date: 2001-09-26 08:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Sandy's gurgling and grinding fert

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., CandiceBush@a... wrote:
> "Here's her problem now.She continues
> not to want to eat,grinds her teeth and there are gurgling sounds
> coming from her tummy.An x-ray was taken and nothing strange was
> in her organs.She does have a slipped disk,which explains her
> back toes and stumbling gait in the rear.Blood work has liver
> up and calcium down.She is taking
> reglan and pepcid ac "
> Sandy, if it was me, I would switch to carafate and simethicone for
a while
> instead of the pepcid. Carafate does a nice job of coating an
ulcer if given
> 20 minutes before eating. Simethicone helps with the gurgling
stomach by
> absorbing excess gas. Pepcid should not be given with carafate.
If things
> aren't better in a few days, you can always switch back.

Thanks Candice.The gurgling seems to have stopped for now.She's
getting mostly babyfood.I'm thinking of having a barium xray
done,just to rule out a blockage.With no fur,you'd think she wouldn't
get a hairball.I'm force feeding now,as she won't eat on her
own,except to steal a piece or two of cat food.If she'd eat more than
a piece or two,that would be great.Just in case I leave a bowl of cat
food out for her.What I'm really worried about is the liver
values.I'm afraid I'm fighting a losing battle,but I hope she can win
again.She's such a sweetheart.