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Date: 2001-09-26 08:03:00 UTC
Subject: male ferret in heat???


This is gonna sound funny at first but I'm really really growing concerned.

The last few weeks or so my baby ferret (under 1 /approx. 10 mths yr old) has
been really stuck to his little white beluga whale (stuffed) and I mean
literally stuck. My fiancee brought it to my attention that this looked like
mating behavior...

Now I see it that's exactly what it is, he holds his stuffed toy with his
mouth holding it down and starts mounting it. This can go on for hours and
when I try to pull it away he won't unclench his teeth. I even tried lifting
the toy in the air and he went up with it and dangled for awhile.

I purchased him at a Petco store and supposedly he's been neutered.

This doesn't sound like normal behavior for a male ferret does it???

Please anyone out there with the same story or could one of our vet friends

Thanks so much,

Christina (Bandit & Feifal)