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From: Karen O'Keefe
Date: 2001-09-28 05:27:00 UTC
Subject: Information/treatment of Actinomycosis?

I have been asked by a friend of mine if I could ask on this list if
anyone knows about a condition called Actinomycosis? Her ferret
Harvey has been seen by her vet for the past month or so as he has
developed a swelling in his throat, her vet now thinks it could be
Actinomycosis but is unsure how to proceed...? Below I have added an
email from my friend Jane giving you a rundown of treatment Harvey
has had so far.

* I`ll give you a rundown on all treatment so far. Three weeks course
of Synulox, then one week of Baytril. The swelling in his throat..
either side of his windpipe was huge at the start. After the first
course it regressed greatly... but still could be felt. All
subsequent antibiotics didn`t have a great deal of effect on the size
of the lump. Before the first course he was listless and lost about 6
or 7oz in weight. Since then he has regained some weight and is very
alert and bouncy in himself. He seems to be eating fine... especially
treats ;o)

Any information anyone can give me about this condition especially
how to treat it, would be greatly appreciated :o)) *

I will pass on any info I get from anyone here onto Jane, Please we
really need help?