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From: The Ferret Aid Society
Date: 2001-09-28 06:30:00 UTC
Subject: Actinomyosis

Yup, we've had 2 ferrets with this bacterial infection. Dr. Williams helped
us with both of them. One, Harley, is still fighting many other infections
(since 1997), but he did have Actino. The other, Mik had it in his throat
and needed 3 surgeries to debulk the abcess in his throat. The last surgery,
performed at our university by a board certified sergeon was a success and
with long term antibiotics (Baytril for 3 months), Mik has been completly
recovered for over a year.

Actino is hard to spot sometimes and you are lucky to have this diagnosis.
It's very hard to treat (in my experience) but not impossable. There is a
vet in Saskatoon who had another case of Actino and treated successfully. If
you would like to talk to her, her name is Dr. Parker and her e-mail addy is
dennilyn@h... she is also one of the vets that treated Mik.

Harley has not been so lucky. We still suspect he has the Actinomyosis
bacteria but he's also got Pasturella Canus, Psudomonas, and E.Coli. Harley
has had a sinus drain and countless naisal duck flushings. He's been clear
of infection before for almost a year, but has it back again now.

My thoughts are with you and if there is ANYTHING I can help with, e-mail me
with your phone # and I'll call you. I was in a bad car crash and it is
really hard for me to type so I'd rather call you.

with love, Randy

Randy Melanie Belair
The Ferret Aid Society
"For The Love of Our Fuzzy Friends"

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