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Date: 2001-09-28 06:47:00 UTC
Subject: HELP! Bringing a precocious jill out of season?

Hi Doctors and others interested,

My Bianca, dob 4/16/01, went into season--I first noticed Weds 9/19.
My vet is very willing to work with me and learn, but I'm her first
client with breeder ferrets, and she want to get as much info as she
can in order to feel comfortable with is unsure how to proceed.

We've discussed cystrelin, .4 ml and HCG. We have some dosage info on
HCG, but we've been looking for protocols and there really is not
much out there! The only info I really have on cystrelin is my friend
has used it and prefers it, thinks it works better. We just don't
really want to use a v-hob on Bianca this time, bec she is so young!

Do you have any preferences? What do you do?

Dr XXXXX would like any further info youall can offer her, and then
we'll make a decision about which way to go with Bianca on Monday.

Thanks very, very much!

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