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From: Dr. Bruce Williams
Date: 2001-03-05 17:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Concerns for long term prednisone usuage

The side-effects of long-term prednisone usage vary with the dosage.
Actually, ferrets are a steroid-resistant species, so at most
dosages, long term administration results in minimal side effects.
At higher doses - 2 mg/lb or higher, prolonged usage may result in
delayed healing, ulcer formation (probably actually just retardation
of healing), and rarely signs of true Cushing's disease.

Dosease at 2mg/lb or higher are rarely used in ferrets, except as
palliative therapy for lymphoma, or in some cases of autoimmune
disease, such as pemphigus. In such cases,we closely monitor for
clinical signs, but they are still rare.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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> I thought we had covered this but can't find it in the archive. Can
> anyone tell me what the long term concerns are with prednisone?
> effects?
> Thanks
> Christopher