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From: Linda Iroff
Date: 2001-09-28 10:15:00 UTC
Subject: re: HELP! Bringing a precocious jill out of season?

Gigi writes
> My Bianca, dob 4/16/01, went into season--I first noticed Weds 9/19.
> We've discussed cystrelin, .4 ml and HCG. We have some dosage info on
> HCG, but we've been looking for protocols and there really is not
> much out there!

I went through this earlier this summer with my 2 jills, one at 5 1/2 and
the other 3 weeks later. I posted here for assistance and Dr Williams wrote
> The two drugs that you will ahve the best luck with are Human
> chorionic gonadotrophin (Cystorelin) at 100 IU IM, repeated in 7 days
> if necessary. Or you can use gonadotropin releasing hormone at 20
> ug, repeated in 1 week if necessary. Both of these drugs are most
> effective if given 14 days after the onset of estrus.

My vet used the gonadotropin releasing hormone, which brought them both out
of heat quickly and through a false preganancy. About three weeks after
their "due dates", they came right back into heat, so I had them spayed.
They both have shaved bellies now.

Linda Iroff
Oberlin OH