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Date: 2001-09-29 00:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pawing at mouth

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., thayneg@u... wrote:
> I recently got a new baby ferret. My Tr is being treated for ECE
> Clavamox and when I give it to him he paws at his mouth, opens it
> paws inside. So I tried Amoxicillin and he does the same thing. I
> have to scruff him and he will take Chicken baby food mixed with
> free milk (warmed). His sister keeps grinding her teeth and she
> loves the baby food and will eat nothing but treats as long as I am
> sitting there with her. Why does that happen? What causes ECE
> a new ferret is introduced to an existing ferrets.

Hey there,

I just got through ECE and it has been now about 2 1/2 months.
Skittles is improved but every other day his poop doesn't look good
and then it is normal again.I honestly thought Skittles was one foot
in he lost so much weight and fatique. Although he bounced
no matter how bleek these lil guys/gals get they can surprise you so
no matter what do not give up even when you think they have cause
sometimes they need to see that your not giving up without a fight!
You have to feed your lil ones every 4 or 5 hours. The number one
factor to ECE is dehyration. If you do not catch this or prevent it
this is where the ferret may crash, or start requiring fluids under
the skin and emergency. As forth to the reccommendation of removing
the MILK...please heed that advice. Considering they are lactose
intolerate and it may increase the discompfort. Otherwise u are a
head of the game with knowing your lil one has it...most don't know
and have a hard time understanding it. With the medication...that
stuff is very yukky...some have used flavoring they get from the vet
to mix with the med....or the chicken soup, quick sip of ferretone,
or have a distraction. I use to feed the medication and dash outside
(if nice outside) let Skittles wander around to take his mind off the
medication, if weather was bad I found a room he has never been in
that can work too. Cleaning is important you want to disinfect things
like bedding, litter boxes, where they had an accident, and always
have clean dish for drinking water. This may stop being re infected.
ECE is highly transmittable with ferrets...and I hated it because I
have to refrain going into petshops just in case:(...Well you are
doing great and many have information to offer.Educate yourself on
ECE cause the more information the better to help others when the
nasty lil bug hits our fuzzies...god forbid. Vex