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From: katharine
Date: 2001-09-29 06:20:00 UTC
Subject: Baby Food

Am babysitting this weekend. Nureyev has been
sick for months and months and no one seems to be
able to figure it out. My friend left her other
ferrets (and other animals) at home, with a friend
checking in on them, but brought Nureyev to me.
He was diagnosed with ECE a couple of months ago,
but we don't think that's what he has. He
recently had adrenal surgery and Doc didn't see
anything else going on in there.

Nureyev has diarrhea, runs a temp (about 105), and
quits eating. A round of antibiotics helps for
about a week and it starts over. He's on one of
his hunger strikes now. I have also noticed a
green discharge from his penis.

My friend has had him at 3 different vets and they
have run every test known to man. She told me she
has spent nearly $2000 on him this year (including
the adrenal surgery) trying to find out what is
wrong with him. She's at the end of her rope
now....I don't blame her. Her last option is to
take him to Dr. Kemmerer in Gainesville but we
can't think of another thing she could possibly

Nureyev is alert and active and gets along great
with Emma and DaBoyz. Emma is in love. None of
my friend's other ferrets have had these symptoms
so we assume (fingers crossed) he's not
contagious. He was also tested for ADV with my
crew; negative.

After making the rounds from 3 kinds of dry kibble
to soup to moistened, warmed kibble to Gerber's
chicken baby food, I have had the best success
with Gerbers. Since he seems pretty good with
that off my finger, I am adding whipping cream for
additional calories since he doesn't take a whole
lot at the time. I try to snatch him up every
time he walks by to eat a little. I have also
gotten him to lick a little Dyne off my finger a
time or two. I just don't know what enough food
is. So far, since Thurday night, he hasn't even
finished one jar. Now, remember, I put quite a
bit of whipping cream in it, maybe 1 to 1 1/2
tablespoons. I guess I'm worried because she
brought 7 or 8 jars and we're still on #1. Is he
getting enough??

Oh, he's drinking fine. Not dehydrated at all.