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Date: 2001-09-29 10:06:00 UTC
Subject: Please help - skinny shedding ferret

I'm a worried mom and would appreciate any help or advice.

My one year old ferret Sebastian is looking skinnier by the day and
also seems to be shedding a lot of hair - hair loss is consistant all
over his body. His coat overall does not look healthy.

We just went through a bout that was determined to be food allergies,
so he is eating IVD cat kibble and I thought maybe that was causing
the poop change and the weight loss. His poop has looked a bit runny
and gooey. His ferret foods were causing severe swelling and redness.

His energy level is great - he is running & playing - acting totally
normal - he's eating regularly and drinking fine. I have actually
watched him eat and he seems to be eating regular amounts.

His companion Madeline looks plump and healthy and she is on the same

I just noticed the symptoms this week - we have a Drs appointment
Monday morning. Do I need to get him there sooner? Is there anything
I can feed him to plump him up or balance his nutrition?

Thank you for any help.