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From: the return of weezilarchy
Date: 2001-09-29 14:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Baby Food

--- katharine <shurcool@i...> wrote:
> Mike Janke wrote:
> <I'm not sure how many cc's are in one jar of baby
> food, but one jar since Thursday doesn't sound
> like it's anywhere near enough.<
> I tend to agree with you. That's what I'm afraid
> of. I'm hoping the added whipping cream, though
> not terribly nutritious, will help get enough
> calories into him. See, I also have written
> permission to have him euthanized, if necessary,
> and I just really, really don't want it to come to
> that.

well, considering i hand-fed biscuit for MONTHS, i learned a lot about
how many CCs are in a jar of gerber's...

the chicken/gravy gerbers comes in 2-2.5 oz jars, IIRC, which is a
little more than half a day's minimum food. i mixed his soup into
five-ounce dixie cups, filled them about a half-inch from the top, so
that he got about 4 oz--about 100cc--of food a day.

i had the best luck force-feeding him via a syringe with
catheter-tip--he did best when i fed him 4 times a day, at 4-hour
intervals. after about a week of that regimen, all i had to do was put
the serving on a dish (i used a small tupperware lid) and he would lap
it right up.

the 35cc syringe i had was a bit much to handle, since one hand was
used to scruff him or hold his towel-wrapped body still for feeding. i
think two syringefuls from a 10cc syringe or using a 20 would have been
easier to manage.


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