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From: sharon allen
Date: 2001-09-30 06:12:00 UTC
Subject: vaccination time is coming, and I am scared

Next month four of my fuzzies get their yearly
vaccines. Last year both Echo and Tally had horrible
reactions, and if not for the fast acting of my vet
and his staff, would have died. Of course now my vet
is making sure all the animals coming in are
premedicated with benedryl and that they will not get
both rabies and distemper together. (I believe their
new policy is to wait at least a week between them.)
They also will make the animals and owners wait for
the minimum of a half hour. Despite this, I am anxious
about this year.
Echo and Tally had never reacted before, and I had
taken them in for two years before this happened. I
know that some of you have had followup yearly
vaccines on your fuzzies who had reacted before; and
would just like to hear about them, any advice you can
give me, etc.

Sharon Allen
echo,tally,toby,lucy and peter carlos

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