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Date: 2001-09-30 07:19:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal & skin cancer??

Zackari is almost 8 years old. Has been through the mill with two
adrenal surgeries four years apart and one round of Lupron.
He has been diagnosed with Insulomia and on a low dose of Prednisone
& Diazoxide. He's still having weakness in his back legs. He
doesn't seem to be in any pain but just waits for me to help him
walk, bless his heart.
His medication is very expensive. He is showing signs of more
adrenal problems with the hair lose on his tale and feet. All that
said I don't know what I can afford to do for him at this point. He
needs another round of Lupron. This vet only does the 6-month shot,
which is $200 a pop. Do you have any suggestions?
Also he has this growth on his muzzle that has continued to grow like
a cauliflower. It doesn't appear to have grown through the wall of
his mouth. He at times rubs it and it bleeds. I put antibiotic save
on it every day. He also has spots that come up like blood blisters
on his side and neck. The vet said he would take the growth off but
he doesn't think Zack can survive the surgery.

Any suggestions from the group, besides give him lots of love and
attention, which I do. He's my fuzzy son.

Thank you,