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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-30 12:12:00 UTC
Subject: Re:] Anemia

Children's iron drops are 15mg of elemental iron
in 0.6ml or 45 or 60mg in a teaspoon, I am thinking if
a ferret was a child would only need about 3-5mg/kg
of elemental iron per day if iron defecient,
less if just maintenance, and
these drops don't have the B vitamins, just the iron.
The multivits with iron, also have other vitamins and
since I don't know how much to give a ferret I
can't comment on that. Could be done if you knew
how much a ferret should get, and calculated the
dose needed, probably 0.1 ml or something like that-

I only use a few drops of the pet tinic, I doubt it is much
sugar in a few drops, it also has vit B's in it if I remember


I had recently asked for info regarding one of my ferrets
having anemia. He also has insulinoma. It was suggested that
I give him Pet Tinic because it has iron in it that would
help the anemia. In reading about the Tinic, I discovered
that it also has corn syrup, sucrose and caramel. Wouldn't
this go against my not giving him anything that contains
sugar? Natural or artificial? I had read somewhere else that
someone was using pediatric iron supplements. Would this be
better? Everyone's help is so greatly appreciated. My little
furfriends are my life. I have learned so much from so many
of you and am greatful for your helping me take the best
care of them that I can!
Tiffany, Oscar, Cindy and Slinky