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Date: 2001-09-30 13:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Devil's claw and pancreatic cancer in ferrets

If I recall right it was more that it was used to stablize symptoms
in some ferrets with insulinoma, rather than the problem being a
malignancy or the herbal prep a cure. Have never tried it myself,
but have read of people who had ferrets that had some blood
sugar improvement as per blood test numbers (for one that I
have heard about), while others tried it with no effect at all. Why?
No idea. Do know that whether it works or doesn't work it will be
very necessary during a trial to have the vet run a good number of
blood tests because EITHER having the sugar get too high (if
overmedicated after it is effective) or too low (if it doesn't work
and ferret is undermedicated) could be dangerous.

I am not a vet and would personally like to see such a trial done
in a reasonable manner (enough blood tests by a vet with good
equipment to know actual effects) on enough ferrets to see if any
firm handle can be gotten on this application, esp. since
someone did tell me in the past of test numbers improving while
another who I trust strongly saw no change at all in actual blood
glucose numbers when it was tried.

Would also like to see the herb tested to see if there may be side
effects which are important to understand. The general rule of
thumb is that anything strong enough to help is also strong
enough to harm if used improperly or if side effects are not
understood and responded to in a responsible fashion (which is
one reason why balanced references such as those by Varro
Tyler or the PDR for Herbal Medications, or...

So, it may help sometimes and it may not help other times, and
all that is true for sure is that we all need to know a good bit
more, and if you try it you WILL need to set up a strict blood test
schedule with your vet to be safe and fair to the ferret.

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., cpallen626@y... wrote:
> I have heard that Devil's claw was successfully used in several
> ferrets to "cure" pancreatic cancer. has anyone heard about
> What dosage should be administered? Thanks!