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From: tansy
Date: 2001-09-30 14:13:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Devil's claw and
cancer in ferrets

totally different herbs with completely different uses.
For more on Devils Club see
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Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2001 10:33 PM
pancreatic cancer in ferrets

> If I recall right it was more that it was used to
stablize symptoms
> in some ferrets with insulinoma, rather than the problem
being a
> malignancy or the herbal prep a cure. Have never tried
it myself,
> but have read of people who had ferrets that had some
> sugar improvement as per blood test numbers (for one
that I
> have heard about), while others tried it with no effect
at all. Why?
> No idea. Do know that whether it works or doesn't work
it will be
> very necessary during a trial to have the vet run a good
number of
> blood tests because EITHER having the sugar get too high
> overmedicated after it is effective) or too low (if it
doesn't work
> and ferret is undermedicated) could be dangerous.
> I am not a vet and would personally like to see such a
trial done
> in a reasonable manner (enough blood tests by a vet with
> equipment to know actual effects) on enough ferrets to
see if any
> firm handle can be gotten on this application, esp.
> someone did tell me in the past of test numbers
improving while
> another who I trust strongly saw no change at all in
actual blood
> glucose numbers when it was tried.
> Would also like to see the herb tested to see if there
may be side
> effects which are important to understand. The general
rule of
> thumb is that anything strong enough to help is also
> enough to harm if used improperly or if side effects are
> understood and responded to in a responsible fashion
(which is
> one reason why balanced references such as those by
> Tyler or the PDR for Herbal Medications, or...
> So, it may help sometimes and it may not help other
times, and
> all that is true for sure is that we all need to know a
good bit
> more, and if you try it you WILL need to set up a strict
blood test
> schedule with your vet to be safe and fair to the
> --- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., cpallen626@y... wrote:
> >
> > I have heard that Devil's claw was successfully used
in several
> > ferrets to "cure" pancreatic cancer. has anyone heard
> this?
> > What dosage should be administered? Thanks!
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